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Example Management Dissertations

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Synergies of Product Diversification Strategy

Firms who spread their activities and businesses across different product markets that are more or less related between each other are said to follow a…

Issues with Strategic Marketing Management

The aim of the unit is to identify and discuss key issues associated with marketing principles. The course is focused on strategic principles of…

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

It is important for companies to maintain effective compliance with the rulings of the Supreme Court. It is a requirement of all federally-funded…

Strategies for Service Quality

Service quality strategy is an important weapon used to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. This chapter starts by defining quality, services…

Risk Management at the Olympic Games

The management of risk at mega events is the focus of this dissertation. The framework for criticality of risk areas is identified through a literature…

Analysis of BAELL II Recommendations

Will the BASEL II requirements make the systematic goals of safety and stability more achievable for banks/FI’s? If yes, how? If no, how?

Impact of Remuneration to Motivate Employees

Remuneration is directly or indirectly one of the mainsprings of the motivation in the society. A well defined compensation system leads to motivate the…

Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF)

Reliance Mutual Fund constantly endeavors to launch innovative products and customer service initiatives to increase value to investors.

Analysis of Recruitment in the NHS

This Management report will look at the Recruitment Processes with an NHS Acute Trust and identify if E recruitment can help with the difficulties…

Reclutamiento Y Seleccion De Personal

En el Primer Capítulo, se presentarán los Aspectos Generales de los Recursos Humanos, para así conocer en una perspectiva general sobre el…

M&A as a Growth Strategy

The main objective of this essay is to evaluate the teams performance based on the Belbin self perception theory discussing the team’s roles, team life…

Minimising IT Project Management Failure

The fundamental aspect of this research is project management as it focuses on how IT project management failure can be minimised.